RBIS CAN. FCC. & UKC Ch Chantilly Lace DeVersailles.



Bets is our pick puppy out of Charm and Leo's  first litter. She was chosen from 4 females  because of the strong resemblance she bore to her mother.

At two years of age Bets measures 24 inches and weights 110 pounds-a veritable little powerhouse! She has a beautiful clear fawn coat and lovely black mask. She is of excellent breed type with a beautiful topline, perfect angulation and a dead on bite that never goes unnoticed in the show ring. She moves-almost floats- around the show ring  with powerful, clean strides both coming and going. Bets finished her Canadian CH from the puppy class and  at 13 months of age obtained her UKC Ch and a RBIS.

Bets has a calm laid back personality. Her favorite things in life are (in this order) mealtime, curling up on my lap and playing with children. Although she has had great success in the  conformation ring, dog shows are not Bets' s cup of tea. She much prefers going unnoticed and curled up on a lap or on one of the dogs.